This game has been developed during the Global Game Jam 2019 in the Malaga Jam site. The aim of this game is to create your own Home by choosing different items. Those items will have an impact on the light and music of the house. 

There is no right answer, it's your home after all. Once you are satisfied with what you have created and if you can imagine yourself living there, press the "Opening Party Button" on your Smartphone and send the invitations to all your friends! Once you finish the game, you will be starting a new Home.

Special thanks to Krill Audio ( for their help.


- Alberto López Pérez: Game Design & Programming

- Jose Cabello Cubero: Game Design & Programming

- Sergio Palacios Cabrera: Game Design. Animation & Programming

- Fernando Doblas Orozco: Game Design & Art

- Juan Jose Calvillo Ocaña: Game Design & Art

- Saty: Game Design & UI & Programming

- Audio: Krill Audio

- SFX Pickup Truck :

- Animation: Moving Truck by Henry Limargo

- Font Signature by Graphix Line Studio

- Menu background modified from Haibane Renmei


Download 67 MB
Download 69 MB
Download 84 MB

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